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Parkinson's Disease

Considering the unique challenges facing people with young onset and the resources aimed at supporting this journey.

Here's 2022 YOPD Panelists

Davis Phinney Foundation assembles the YOPD Council Panelists. People diagnosed with YOPD discuss topics that are unique to their experience, including work, parenting, dating, disability, finances, and more. Hit the back arrow to return to Shaky Nation.

Unique Needs of YOPD

DPF and Stanford bring the text of an outstanding webinar on YOPD. Good for all to become aware. A necessary primer for all. Hit the back arrow to return to Shaky Nation.

YOPD WPC Fundraiser

YOPD advocates support the 6t​h​ World Parkinson Congress now beginning 7/4/23 in Barcelona. Valuable links, people and donation spot. Donations provide opportunities for under-represented attendees to attend. Hit the back arrow key to return to Shaky Nation.

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