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Lone Walk

Our Founder

Steve Phillips was born in Southern California and spent his early years as a typical, lower middle class beach kid of a broken marriage mindlessly migrating through the California public school system. One of the lucky ones, a mentor (Roger Van Hook) at Long Beach City College ignited Steve's intellectual curiosity and uncovered a natural talent for teaching.  He progressed through undergraduate studies and completed a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior.  As a Graduate Assistant, Steve began to teach college at the age of 22 and moved on to teaching assignments at California State University Long Beach, University of California Berkeley, Napa Valley College, LBCC and Saddleback College.  


During this time, Steve was approached by one of his students, an executive with a major Japanese automobile importer, with the opportunity to engage a consulting assignment meant to improve communication between Japanese and North American executives.  This work led to a series of increasingly complex consulting challenges for some of the most respected multinational corporations and collaborations with global thought leaders.


After two decades of a dream career, Steve and his family decided to change gears and focus on family life.  They built a dream home in Costa Rica and began a storybook life in their tropical paradise on their mountain by the sea.  Shortly afterward, Steve was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and began a downward spiral that nearly took his life.  His personal battle with Parkinson’s became the genesis for his new passion.  Steve founded Shaky Nation in 2022.  This organization provides community, education and advocacy for all people with Parkinson’s Disease, a neurological disorder that is mercilessly progressive and currently has no cure.        

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