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About Us

You are not alone.  Shaky Nation was created to build and support a vibrant, inclusive community for ALL people and families with Parkinson's, to share educational resources, to provide easy access to vetted research, to deliver coaching to ALL who need it, and powerfully advocate for those suffering in an effort to restore hope, increase quality of life, and garner support to raise awareness.  To find a cure and more effective treatments. We find a way to steadfastly laugh in the face of PD. Join with us now at Shaky Nation.

We will create this nation together.   We need one another.


Shaky Nation envisions a world in which all of those who have Parkinson’s Disease become empowered by an inclusive community free from discrimination and stigma, a world in which ALL people have equal access to the best of today’s treatments and finally, a world in which a needless global pandemic of neurological disease is averted by powerful activism today.

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Shaky Nation's mission is to provide a rich community and abundant resources for people with Parkinson's Disease, their loved ones and caregivers.

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