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Parkinson's leaves untold millions of people living in isolation, mentally and physically incarcerated.  Yet they have neither committed nor been convicted of any crime. Quietly wounded, chronically ill, hopeless and desperate.  Forced to live a life of diminishing quality, many just give up and disappear, no longer feeling worthy of anyone’s love.  Families watch relationships slowly wither and painfully die.  The drugs no longer work. 

You do not have to go it alone

Every hour of every day PD forces us to deal with issues that are messy, impolite, difficult to talk about, embarrassing and at times even humiliating.  We leave our biannual PD doctor’s appointment feeling unheard, ignored or overwhelmed by “DocTalk.”  We long for someone to explain just what is happening in simple, easy to understand language.  Our challenges are often played out unexpectedly and publicly.  Many people, whether they are newly diagnosed, a long term PwP, or a Young Onset Parkinson's Disease patient, a caregiver or an entire family, confront problems that they have no answers for.  They are too ashamed or embarrassed to talk to friends or doctors. Often, they don't have the time, access, money or willingness to speak with their doctor or they want the comfort and insight of an understanding coach who has experienced the issue and found solutions to increase quality of life. Someone who has helped many others find insights, workarounds, resources, options, techniques, hacks or new perspectives.  Ignoring these issues can lead to catastrophic outcomes.  Find out, free of charge, how a Shaky Nation Coach can help you and your family.  Every Shaky Nation Coach has an important distinction to their resumes - they have Parkinson's disease.  They have lived through what you are going through rather than learning about PD in a training course.  Shaky Nation provides one time or ongoing Coaching and Mentoring for PwP's, their families and caregivers.  We offer affordable one to one, group and family sessions via ZOOM.     You don't have to do it alone.

Please contact us if you need financial assistance.
Do not allow the cost of
the session to be a barrier to seeking help.  

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