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Care Equality - YOPD - Cannabis - LGBTQ+  Women's Unmet Needs - Veterans - Neurotoxins

Shaky Nation believes many changes are necessary within the universe of Parkinson's Disease, requiring our active involvement with and the persuasion of thought leaders, governmental bodies, organizations and blocks of voters. Our advocacy targets range from local/statewide issues to global movements.  What is certain is that change will only occur when our voices are educated, unified, and focused. It is time for us to get to work and get loud, together!!

Become a Parkinson's
Disease Advocate

Getting started in your advocacy.  Newbies welcome. Help is here

Medical Cannabis & Other Alternatives

Arcane regulations prohibit easy access to cannabis and other alternative drugs 

Legal Side
of Advocacy

Amplify your voice on laws facing us with easy letters to the right people

Women with PD & Unmet Needs

Recognizing the needs of women facing the challenges of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease
Clinincal Trials

Latest  information on  joining clinical trials

Mental Health
& Stimga

Education and awareness to stop judgement and start meaningful conversations 

WPD 2022

Easy options &

tools to get involved.  Help welcome the SPARK!

Equal Access For All 

We must address the inequalities in health care for Parkinson's Disease

YOPD Movement
Gaining Traction

Unique challenges facing Young Onset Parkinson's Disease Community

Are Toxins Causing
PD Onset?

Our air-Our Water-Our food

Responsible for PD and a PD pandemic? Join in

LGBTQ+ Issues
Are Emerging

Supporting LGBTQ+ emergence free from judgment or stigma

Veterans Need
Our Help

Help our Veterans get the best PD treatments possible. We all deserve the best

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