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Founding Principles

We believe...

  • No one knows your experience with Parkinson's Disease better than you do.  No doctor, no clinician, no pharmaceutical company, no insurance company, no panel of "experts," no one.

  • People with Parkinson's must become the nucleus of their own care teams and accept this responsibility knowledgeably and passionately.

  • Shaky Nation will provide education, information, coaching, counseling, community, support, laughter, and blunt honesty.  All from people who have Parkinson's. 

  • We will not accept and will actively combat current levels of misinformation, prejudice, stigma, discrimination and ignorance targeted at people with Parkinson's.

  • We will advocate our positions in a loud, uncomfortable and ever present voice demanding change in how this disease is seen and treated.

  • No one will ever be turned away from Shaky Nation because of lack of financial resources, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or age.

  • Shaky Nation will not accept any money or support from any individual or organization whose sole purpose is monetization of PD.  You will never see a drug companies logo on our website.

  • Shaky Nation is inclusive, non-discriminatory and transparent.  

  • We are not medical doctors and have no formal medical training.  Our offering consists solely of the vast experience of our citizenry of people living well and flourishing while living with Parkinson's Disease. Contact your doctor before undertaking any changes to your medications and regimen.

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