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Most people do not understand Parkinson's. Unless they have lived it.

Let's stop the stigma.

Shaky Nation is uniting people living with Parkinson's Disease by providing an inclusive community. Offering support, accessible, relevant and vetted educational resources while targeting issues for immediate advocacy.

Helping you and yours navigate the shaky ground...

Whether you are newly diagnosed, long term, YOPD, a caregiver or an entire family, most people living with Parkinson's Disease, sooner or later, find they are faced with complicated, frustrating and potentially embarrassing issues that cannot be ignored, that are problematic and require help. Often, they don't have the time, access, money or willingness to ask their doctor or they cannot find an approachable, knowledgable person with PD that they can relate to. Ignoring these issues can lead to catastrophic outcomes. You don't have to do it alone.

Imagine having the insight, experience and understanding of someone who has faced the issue and found solutions that increased their quality of life. Someone who wants to help others find insights, workarounds, resources, options, techniques, hacks or new perspectives.

Or perhaps you have grown weary of the same old PD 101 blogs, webinars and panel discussions that proliferate the internet.  Slickly packaged images of happy smiling people who don't look like you, living a life with PD that doesn't look like yours. PD is in no way funny. However, we are convinced that a healthy dose of humor from people who walk the path is not only welcome, it is a vital tool for our very survival. 

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